trailer alas datar 48 kaki

  • Trailer Flatbed 48 Kaki Komersial

    Trailer Flatbed 48 Kaki Komersial

    48 foot flatbed trailer is a semi-trailer with container structure. flatbed trailer Mainly used in ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels. The logistics system of road and multimodal transport. (1)It is specially used for the transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time with sufficient strength. (2) The goods can be directly loaded in the consignor''s warehouse and unloaded in the consignee''s warehouse by using the container for transshipment. When the vehicle or ship is replaced midway, it is not necessary to take the goods out of the box for replacement. (3) It can carry out fast loading and unloading, and commercial flatbed trailer can be directly and easily reloaded from one means of transport to another. (4) Sangat mudah untuk memuat dan menurunkan barang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pribadi pelanggan. Sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan jaminan perkakas, kualitas stabil, kinerja yang andal.

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