60 ton lowboy trailer

  • New 60 Ton Lowboy Equipment Trailers

    New 60 Ton Lowboy Equipment Trailers

    Lowboy equipment trailers are composed of frame, gooseneck, cargo platform, ladder, tires, etc. The front end of the frame is a gooseneck, which is mainly used to connect the fifth wheel on the tractor. There is a cargo platform behind the gooseneck, which has the characteristics of low bearing surface, wide platform, light weight, large cargo load, and efficient transportation. The standard size of our 60 ton lowboy trailer is 13.5×3×1.75 meters, the upper plate is 14mm thick, the bottom plate is 16mm thick, the middle plate is 10mm thick and the platform plate is 4mm thick, which ensures the stability of transportation and carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large-scale equipment and steel, etc.

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